April 11 meeting on artificial intelligence in publishing

This session has passed. Find resources here!

Not just for science fiction enthusiasts anymore! In this moderated panel discussion, experts with wide ranging experience will discuss the impact AI technology is already having in the indie publishing industry. 

The panelists discussion will provide insights on how AI is changing the way indie publishers operate. By delving into the challenges and opportunities that arise with the integration of AI technology for authors and publishers, we’ll consider a range of applications, from automating repetitive tasks, targeting marketing, and assisting in research and ideation, to generating art and illustration, and even the written words themselves. 

The panelists will also discuss the potential dangers of AI technology for small publishers, including bias, job displacement, legal pitfalls, lack of transparency, and quality control. They will consider what it means to provide a human-centered approach, collaboration with experts, and a focus on creativity and innovation.  

Panelists include:

  • Minnesota editor and publicist, Dan Janal, who uses AI in developmental editing; 
  • Derek Murphy, an artist with insight on how book cover designers and other artists can use AI tools in an effective way; and 
  • Michael Evans and Emilia Rose from Ream, a platform that helps authors make money with subscriptions. 

The panel will be moderated by Paul Nylander, MiPA vice president and book designer at Illustrada Design.