March 14 meeting on selling more books using metadata

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play all run on algorithms, but each of them is different. Each provides tools to authors to help them become more visible to the right readers. But how is an author or small press to know what works best where? And how do you even decide whether to publish on one platform, or “go wide” by publishing on many?

Whatever you decide, your metadata — the details you enter on the back end in your book’s upload form — feeds the algorithm. In turn, this can make or break the success of your book. USA Today bestselling author and instructor Shelley Adina will take you through each retailer, pointing out which tools are aimed at visibility for your books versus visibility for you, the author or publisher. She will also talk briefly about selling direct on your website, a strategy more and more authors are using for greater control of their business.

You’ll be able to:

· Choose between publishing exclusively on Amazon, versus going wide.
· Understand what metadata is, and why it’s essential to your author success.
· Present both yourself and your books effectively on Amazon.
· Gain visibility on the other retailers through merchandising.

Our March meeting will answer these questions, hosted by Shelley Adina. The meeting will take place on March 14 and registration can be found here.