Rhino & Dino in: Lemonade!

Childrens' Picture Books
Price: $19.00
Remember your lemonade stand as a child?  Combine 2 best friends, stir in a big mistake and mix well for gallons of fun! [Read More]

Rhino & Dino in: Juice!

Children's Picture Book
Price: $18.00
Rhino is the slower “older brother” and Dino is a whirlwind – no tornado – of activity!  What happens when nearly dehydrated Dino sees Rhino’s juice box.  Not another book about sharing! [Read More]
Price: $12.00
Gratitude is the feeling we get when somebody is kind to us, or if something makes us feel good. We share that feeling and make stronger friendships when we say “Thank you!” It is a true superpower. It is also true that lots of people feel funny when somebody says, “Thank you!” That’s because a […] [Read More]
Price: $25.00
Looking for the perfect gift for the new parents on your list? This guide to gratitude will help even your littlest loved ones practice feeling grateful all year long. With simple text and eye-catching pictures, this is sure to be a favorite for storytimes at home and school alike. Help the children in your life […] [Read More]
Price: $20.00
All too often, when we’re dealing with something really heavy, instead of support we get told, “Just look for a silver lining!” That isn’t always helpful – or even realistic – especially when things are truly difficult. During those times, we don’t want platitudes, we want hope, and gratitude is our key to finding that […] [Read More]

Eagle River Detectives, Book 2 Timothy Grant, Reluctant Hero

Intermediate reader, Action/adventure
Price: $14.00
Get ready for another thrilling adventure in book two of the Eagle River Detectives series. Tim, a 14-year-old, is finally settling into his quiet small town after the exciting events of last year. However, his peaceful life is abruptly disrupted when a dangerous new quest emerges, and the Eagle River Detectives step up to investigate. […] [Read More]

Eagle River Detectives, Book 1 This One’s for You, Dad

Intermediate reader action/adventure
Price: $14.00
When fifteen-year-old Carly Grant and her siblings move to Nebraska to live with their grandfather after their father’s death, they quickly discover that the townspeople don’t want them there. But why? As Carly investigates, she uncovers dangerous secrets that have been buried for years – secrets that might have something to do with their father’s […] [Read More]


Price: $12.00
Cursed eleven-year-old Princess Amira escapes the room where she’s been confined all her life to visit her new baby brother. When she discovers he’s been born with a tail and golden scales, she sets off on a journey to the Spindelskov, a forest filled with nightmarish creatures to find answers that may save them both. [Read More]