Crashing Through the Windshield

Price: $20.00
Family man and FBI agent Jack Jurlik has gone through life on cruise control. Now that his wife and infant son have mysteriously disappeared, he is driving as fast as he can to find Gloriann and Martin while protecting his other children, Emma and Will. He soon discovers that the road ahead is taking him […] [Read More]

Tales of Koehler Hollow

Black & African American History
Price: $22.00
Tales of Koehler Hollow tells the story of Amy Finney and her descendants. Amy, a formerly enslaved Black woman, gained her freedom and established a homestead in the Appalachian mountains during a time in American history when she was dehumanized for the color of her skin and devalued for being female. Naomi Hodge-Muse, working with […] [Read More]

Season of Dragons

Middle-grade fantasy
Price: $12.00
What would you do if you found a dragon egg at your bus stop? Ichabod Surname never imagined he’d be spending a Friday afternoon cross-country skiing with a grandma dragon—but that’s exactly what happens when he finds a giant egg on the way to school. For as long as he can remember, he has been […] [Read More]

Ellie and the Midwest Goodbye

Children’s picture book
Price: $12.00
Midwest goodbyes are tricky. They last forever and when you think you have escaped, there’s always one last hug, one last quick story, and one more family member your dad wants to talk to.  [Read More]
Price: $26.00
For two centuries, Syljians have been hunted by the Sorcerers’ Guild. Desperate to procure life-sustaining resources for his people, Syljian Alar Fellman uses his psionic powers to infiltrate the Guild’s ranks as a student of magic. The Guild’s star prodigy, Daeya McVen, cherishes her friendship with the new student. But Daeya’s secrets far surpass Alar’s […] [Read More]

Stella’s Brave Voice

Children's Picture Book
Price: $11.00
Our favorite twins from The Only Me are back! Being a twin has its ups and downs. On one hand, it’s great to have a built-in friend, on the other, people forget that they’re different people… …with their own thoughts and opinions. In Stella’s Brave Voice, Stella begins reflecting on deeper levels about what it means to be a twin […] [Read More]

The Only Me

Children's Picture Book
Price: $11.00
Be the best you!   Stella and Paige are 7-year-old fraternal twins who don’t look or act alike.   They have very different personalities and interests. Despite that, people constantly compare them or comment about how strange it is that they’re not similar. They may be twins, but they’re not the same person!   Stella wishes people […] [Read More]


Price: $30.00
Punctuated by seventeen of the artist’s photographs, “Isolation” is a poetic meander through the idea of being alone. Self-referential and deeply personal, Nylander considers the implications of the resistance to, and yet need for, personal isolation as a part of the creative process. [Read More]