Stella’s Brave Voice

Children's Picture Book
Price: $11.00

Our favorite twins from The Only Me are back!

Being a twin has its ups and downs. On one hand, it’s great to have a built-in friend, on the other, people forget that they’re different people…

…with their own thoughts and opinions.

Stella’s Brave VoiceStella begins reflecting on deeper levels about what it means to be a twin and what it means to be herself. While she may be the more timid and soft-spoken twin, it doesn’t mean she likes Paige speaking on her behalf.

After numerous times of this happening, an uneasy feeling builds up inside Stella. Now she’s left pondering what she should do each time Paige speaks for her.

Does she ignore it and go with the flow?


Does she stick up for herself and have her own voice?

Unsure of how to approach Paige, she looks to her mom for guidance and support. After their special conversation, Stella is more confident with the plan they rehearsed.

Discover how Stella finds her 
brave voice that boosts her confidence and strengthens the bond with her sister and best friend.

Why readers will love Stella’s Brave Voice:

  • Empowering: Perfect for kids struggling to find their voice and be heard.
  • Self-worth: A hallmark for children as they learn that their thoughts, feelings, and opinions matter.
  • Self-confidence: Promotes a healthy sense of confidence and assurance in young readers.
  • Sibling relationships: Encourages communication, conflict resolution skills, and fosters positive relationships between siblings.
  • Friendships: Relatable for young readers learning to manage and accept differences between themselves and their friends.