Trouble In Deep Lake Gloria Van

Fiction - Mystery/Thrillers
Price: $13.00


     Small town life in Deep Lake, Minnesota is once again disturbed. Trouble has come calling anew in the award-winning Deep Lake series, following Danger in Deep Lake, and Death in Deep Lake. The cozy mysteries are set in a small town in rural Minnesota, close to the metropolis of the state's Twin Cities. In Trouble in Deep Lake, McKenzie Ward is summoned back to New York City where she was a successful Commercial Realtor for many years.

     Her business and building are being cared for by staff, but a woman was found murdered in an empty office and loyalties are in question. To add to her worries, while McKenzie is away, her much-loved beau, Ethan, is accused of a heinous crime. How can she be in two places at once? Can her long-time friend, Otis, get Ethan out of jail? Trouble mounts and suspense grows as McKenzie's struggles escalate. Gloria lives and writes in mid-Minnesota. Contact her through her website: