The Artful Bargain

Contemporary Women's Fiction

Amid swirling rumors, can two creatives reveal their true colors and find genuine love?      

For curator Claire Beaumont, her upcoming steampunk exhibition at the Lafferty Museum isn’t just an innovative show, it’s a chance to redeem her late father’s reputation in the art world. All she needs is a metal masterpiece created by renowned sculptor Sinjin Reid. But when she arrives at his lakeside estate the sculpture is nowhere to be found. To find the truth, she teams up with the charming but reclusive artist to expose the museum's suspicious director as a thief.

After his ex-wife’s cruel betrayal, Sinjin is hesitant to trust anyone again. As he and Claire concoct a plan to trap the fraudulent museum director, their attraction deepens. They strike a deal to stage Claire’s exhibition in a new venue using Sinjin’s priceless sculpture as bait.  

But as Claire embraces her passion for curating—and Sinjin—a shocking revelation threatens to compromise her reputation.  Can Sinjin overcome his painful past and move forward enough to trust her?  

THE ARTFUL BARGAIN is a romantic adventure with a caper twist, an anti-heist, and a nod to the modern art world. It explores the challenges and rewards of trust, passion, and creative integrity.