Silver Threads: Living a Life of Gratitude

Price: $20.00

All too often, when we're dealing with something really heavy, instead of support we get told, “Just look for a silver lining!” That isn’t always helpful - or even realistic - especially when things are truly difficult. During those times, we don’t want platitudes, we want hope, and gratitude is our key to finding that hope in our lives. And when things are going great, gratitude can take us to a whole new level of positive experiences, too.

At its core, gratitude connects us to the people, places and things that make our lives better. Gratitude is an antidote for isolation, reminding us we're not alone. Sometimes those reminders, those small positive experiences, the simple moments of gratitude, are brief flashes like a gleaming silver thread that you glimpse amidst the huge pile of challenges you’re dealing with right now, in this moment. And those small moments add up to big changes when we start to notice them.

Gratitude has the power to change any situation. Actually, a better way of putting it is that gratitude has the power to change the way we experience any situation, which is far more impactful. Are you ready to find more hope, happiness, and positivity? Then you are ready to live a life of gratitude! Inside you will find real, practical ways you can increase the gratitude in your personal and professional life, hacking into your own biology to build a better life experience. Make your own silver lining, one thread at a time!