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       Carrie Nelson applies to be on a reality show to learn how to become a bull rider and ranch hand to help her family pay for an experimental medical treatment for her sister. When she agrees to be on the show, she has no idea what she has gotten herself into. The work […] [Read More]

On The Run By Dennis E. Smith

Fiction - Mystery/Thrillers
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       Avery Gillis finds a well-dressed skeleton with a bullet hole in its skull under his bathroom floor. He names it Mr. Bones, and in fear for his life, Avery buries him in a shallow grave in the nearby woods. Avery is afraid he will end up like two friends and co-workers who got […] [Read More]
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       50 Fun Things ® is a catalyst for ANYONE who is looking for a mindful change. Part of that change comes from learning to enjoy the small things we encounter every day. Motivating and inspiring, Teresa Thomas’ appreciation for enjoying the small things leads the way to finding a more fulfilled, joyful, and […] [Read More]
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       Most people assume that being brave is the absence of fear, when in reality, it can mean feeling afraid and being able to persevere anyway. If you’re open to such things as the power of music, gratitude, pets, laughter, random acts of kindness or facing fears, you can change or enhance your perception […] [Read More]
  This book is primarily a side-by-side account from Roger Eigenfeld and Paul Harrington of their ministries, with commentary by Duane Paetznick. Roger was at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi for 33 years, and Paul did ministry at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Apple Valley, also for 33 years. Each of those […] [Read More]
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  In this fourth book of reflections, you will listen to the stories and meet some of the people who have been a part of the story of one pastor who believed that God had called him to a special task.  “God’s Shalom” (Hebrew for peace) has never always been what we might think it […] [Read More]
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       Do you ever feel alone, invisible, forgotten? Do you battle with insecurities, listening to your inner voice question who you are? I have until God showed up and told me a different story that says I am not alone and I am loved. God has walked with me ever since, proving Himself to […] [Read More]