Price: $15.00
In 9 Lively Cat Tales and Other Pet Poems, an amusing collection of animal stories told in rhyming verse, you’ll find felines of all kinds, from pet cats to wild cats both real and fanciful, along with a few beloved dogs. Meet a cat who needs encouragement to take a bath (front cover), a clever […] [Read More]

The Artful Bargain

Contemporary Women's Fiction
Amid swirling rumors, can two creatives reveal their true colors and find genuine love?       For curator Claire Beaumont, her upcoming steampunk exhibition at the Lafferty Museum isn’t just an innovative show, it’s a chance to redeem her late father’s reputation in the art world. All she needs is a metal masterpiece created by renowned […] [Read More]

There is No Shrimp… And Other Lies My Mother Told Me

Graphic novel, manga, young adult, memoir
Price: $15.00
The truth. Nothing but the truth… from a certain point of view. A prequel/sequel to Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher: An Autobiographical Manga, Kenny reflects on an important lesson he failed to learn and recollects his childhood memories with his mother to an unexpected audience member: a plush piggy. Why are shrimp so terrifying? […] [Read More]

Life Lessons from a UFO Catcher: An Autobiographical Manga

Graphic novel, manga, young adult, memoir
Price: $20.00
The tale of a man drifting through life, capturing cute plushies and important life lessons along the way. Kenny Loui is a self-proclaimed “UFO catcher,” whose life goal is to “liberate” all plushies trapped in captivity inside arcade claw machines. In his UFO-catching journey, Kenny encounters a concerned guardian spirit who tries—but fails—to keep him […] [Read More]
“The Magic In Metaphor” is a heartwarming collection of 25 tales designed to nurture emotional growth and resilience in young readers. Each story introduces endearing characters who navigate life’s challenges, fostering fundamental values like courage, empathy, and understanding.From Archie, the lovable puppy overcoming his first-day anxiety at Doggie Daycare, to Cally, the caterpillar bracing for […] [Read More]

The Love I Meant

Historical Crime
Price: $14.00
When she was twelve, Anna moved away from Brooklyn and her best friend, Johnny Donahue went to prison for murder. Nearly five years have passed as she returns to New York for her mother’s second marriage: to millionaire Edward Vogel.Learning the ways of Manhattan’s elite wears Anna down, but she finds refuge in time spent […] [Read More]

Rhino & Dino in: Lemonade!

Childrens' Picture Books
Price: $19.00
Remember your lemonade stand as a child?  Combine 2 best friends, stir in a big mistake and mix well for gallons of fun! [Read More]

Rhino & Dino in: Juice!

Children's Picture Book
Price: $18.00
Rhino is the slower “older brother” and Dino is a whirlwind – no tornado – of activity!  What happens when nearly dehydrated Dino sees Rhino’s juice box.  Not another book about sharing! [Read More]