HIRED—Cut Your Career Search Time in Half by George C. Murray

Non-Fiction - Business
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GOLD medal winner of the 31st Annual Midwest Book Awards! Non-Fiction - Business

If you or someone you know is struggling with the daunting process of finding a new position, as well as learning what to do—and not to do—in order to meet people, network, and make connections who can help you learn about job openings in your field, Hired! is for you. The author experienced two job losses (both beyond his control) in three years, and what he learned to get the first new job cut his search time in half for the next time.

He provides many clear and easy-to-implement ideas that make you stand apart from other candidates, and more importantly, stand above them in the valuable information you should provide to show companies why they should hire YOU.

"George shares the lessons he learned during two job transitions as a template to help other job seekers land their next position faster. His idea-filled book provides strategies he used to improve himself, bring discipline to the job of finding a job, and to crisply articulate and exude his personal brand. Give yourself a healthy dose of job search motivation: read this book."
—Carol Kaemmerer, author of LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive: Promote Your Brand with
Authenticity, Tact and Power

“This inspirational and practical book from the perspective of an operations leader and master connector will help you get organized and develop a strategy for a successful job search. Embrace George’s tools and tips and see how you can more quickly get traction and land a job that fills your soul.”
—Anne Pryor, Speaker and Top LinkedIn Expert, Strategist and Trainer

 About the Author:

George’s first book, Hired: Cut Your Career Search Time in Half, is based on his own experience—when he found himself facing two job transitions in less than three years. From both his military training and operations background, he learned that career transition also has a process. He became a student, listening, taking copious notes, and asking vital questions to many people that he met. 

George started his career in the US Army serving in the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, additionally in Wurzburg, Germany, and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq in Support of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He credits this experience with his leadership training, positive attitude through adversity, and his ability to overcome major obstacles. In addition, George has 25 years in Global Operations managing working in four industries: Automotive, Contract Electronic Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, and Capital Equipment Manufacturing. He is passionate about helping individuals and businesses become better.

George has had three international assignments in Germany, Thailand, and China, and these have increased his knowledge of global and diversified cultures.

He credits his strong belief in God and the support of his family for his success. His wife of 26 years, Kerry, is very loving and supportive, as are their three beautiful and successful children: Mason, Devin, and Aislynn. He loves spending his free time with his family boating, traveling, and golfing, plus he’s an avid runner.

George also does individual coaching, consults with businesses and business leaders, as well as speaks on topics such as developing next generational leaders in an organization, strong teams, driving improvements within companies.

To contact George for further assistance email him at: [email protected].

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