Folktellers Excerpts from an Unknown Guidebook, Book I: Phases of the Moon

Middle Grade Fantasy
Price: $10.00

“. . . a polished, thoroughly engaging fantasy for tweens and young adults.”
Foreword Reviews

Welcome to the Folktellers Universe . . . There’s a story in the story, like a wheel within the wheel, spiraling forever, through the world we see and feel. There’s a tale within the fable, like a gear within the gear, marking time forever, until the secret is revealed.

In every age, across time and space, there have been Folktellers. These are the select few who have been chosen to collect and share the stories that must be told. Aaron is an average midwestern teen—or so he thinks. When his grandfather disappears under strange circumstances, Aaron’s ordinary existence changes forever. He will soon discover a mysterious world where stories are powerful and dangerous, and dark, deadly enemies lurk just out of sight. Accompanied by his friend Jake and an odd girl from another dimension, Aaron must save his grandfather from the gathering darkness, and the shadowy creatures that thrive within.

In time, Aaron will learn that whoever holds the story wields the power, and that the choices he makes will change the destiny of the entire universe.

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