50 Fun Things ® For a Writer’s World by Teresa Thomas

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     50 Fun Things ® is a catalyst for ANYONE who is looking for a mindful change. Part of that change comes from learning to enjoy the small things we encounter every day. Motivating and inspiring, Teresa Thomas' appreciation for enjoying the small things leads the way to finding a more fulfilled, joyful, and connected life. LEARN MORE: www.50.FunThings.com Learn more about Teresa and her other mindful networking and connecting programs at:

www.Teresa-Thomas.com [email protected]

    As founder of Win Kutscher Connects, Teresa Thomas connects people, possibilities, and purpose as an award-winning professional Connector, presenter, networking expert, and author of Win Kutscher Networking and 50 Fun Things®.

    Teresa fosters our interconnectedness and the ways we can lift each other up for success. In her 25 years as a professional connector, Teresa has facilitated hundreds of networking events, presented for countless groups, and helped thousands to connect and grow.