5 Senses for Success by Juli Geske-Peer

Business Motivation and Self Improvement
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You don’t have to be perfect to find success!

     In 5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena, Juli Geske-Peer shares her expertise in leadership, coaching, and conflict mediation to deliver unique approaches for achieving your personalized version of success. Through the 5 Senses, you will learn to:

• Value yourself and your unique goals and aspirations

• Understand others and build meaningful bridges at work, in your home, and with everyday acquaintances

• Become a compassionate and effective leader in any role

• Shift damaged relationships (both personal and professional) into healthy, productive, and mutually beneficial bonds

• Navigate difficult conversations and manage conflict with

confidence and tact

• Overcome barriers and strive for your distinct definition of SUCCESS

5 Senses for Success: Strategies to Thrive in Any Arena has an important message of empowerment for every reader. Through immersive storytelling, innovative instruction, and practical exercises, 5 Senses for Success inspires you to cross your own personal finish lines. It’s time to face your barriers head on!