Non Fiction - Anthologies

Non Fiction - Arts/Photography/Coffee Table Books

Non Fiction - Autobiography/Memoir

Non Fiction - Biography

Non Fiction - Business


by George C. Murray
(Kirk House Publishers)

Non Fiction - Children’s & Young Adult

Non Fiction - Cookbooks/Crafts/Hobbies

Non Fiction - Education/Learning

Non Fiction - Family/Parenting

Non Fiction - Health

Non Fiction - History, General

Non Fiction - History, Regional

Non Fiction - Humor

Non Fiction - Inspiration

Non Fiction - Nature


by Sumner Matteson
(Little Creek Press)

Non Fiction - Recreation/Sports/Travel

Non Fiction - Religion/Philosophy


by Kaitlin B. Curtice
(Brazos Press)


by Rebecca Bender
(North Dakota State University Press)

Non Fiction - Social Science/Political Science/Culture

Poetry - Anthology

Poetry - Debut


by Daniel Lassell
(Wheelbarrow Books, an imprint of Michigan State University Press)

Poetry - General


by Carlos Andrés Gomez
(University of Wisconsin Press)

Gut Botany

by Petra Kuppers
(Wayne State University Press)

Poetry - Regional

Fiction - Children’s

Cat Ninja

by Matthew Cody
(Andrews McMeel Publishing)

Fiction - Children’s picture books

Fiction - Fantasy/SciFi/Horror/Paranormal

Fiction - Literary/Contemporary/Historical

Fiction - Mystery/Thriller

Fiction - Romance


by Pete Carlson
(Calumet Editions)

The Project

by Stacey Potter
(Hadleigh House Publishing)

Last Call

by Frank Weber
(North Star Press)

Fiction - Short Story/Anthology

Fiction - Young Adult

Design - Cover Design


by Monica Vierling Hall
Ann Aubitz

Design - Illustration

Ya Herd!

by Van Horgen
(Beaver's Pond Press)
Sandy Meirovitz


by Margaret Hasse
(Nodin Press)
Sharon deMark

Design - Interior Design

Design - Total Book Design

My Heart Grows

by Michael Arndt
(Andrews McMeel Publishing)
Michael Arndt with Julie Barnes as art director


by Sumner Matteson
(Little Creek Press)
Kristin Mitchell

- Graphic Novels


by Gregory A. Wilson
(Atthis Arts)

Cat Ninja

by Matthew Cody
(Andrews McMeel Publishing)