October 20, 2022
12pm central – 1:30pm central

This special session includes a digital copy of Carol Topp’s book, Business Tips and Taxes for Writers. A video of the session will be available for 30 days to all who registered. Attend live and bring your questions!

This event is for any independent or small enterprise, including writers, authors and publishers who are earning money from their writing or have expenses related to writing and wonder what they can deduct on their tax returns. This is professional advice from a CPA and author!

The workshop will cover:
• What tax forms you (or your tax preparer) need to file
• IRS tax forms explained in plain English
• A sample tax return for an author
• What tax deductions are typical for writers
• Tax tips from a CPA and author
• What forms you need to send to subcontractors
• Know when you need to charge sales tax and when you don’t!

Carol Topp, CPA is an author of 15 books and has prepared tax returns for more than two decades including several authors and freelancers, so she understand an author’s perspective and seeks to make taxes as clear and understandable as possible!