Being asked to speak to an audience and actually doing it are two distinct experiences. The first is exciting and flattering, but as time draws closer to the event, the task can be overwhelming and cause anxiety. That is completely natural, but there is something you can do about it!

In this class, speaker Sara Krisher will share a simple framework for creating an audience-centric presentation that builds confidence every time you speak. You’ll have the opportunity to look at speaking in a whole new way and may even find you enjoy it!

Zoom Details:

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022
6:30 p.m. (CT) Networking
7 p.m. (CT) Program begins

About the Speaker:

Sara Krisher is the president and founder of STAND TALL, a company that helps build confidence. Her extensive work in business-to-business sales and public speaking training has been developed from her twenty-plus years’ experience presenting to Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-size businesses.

She is an international speaker, narrative coach, and developer of the “Fearless Speaker” program. She is the author of The Confidence to Speak, a book about the many fears of speaking and Captivate Your Audience, a guide for creating presentations the audience wants to hear. She delivers powerful training programs to business leaders who want to lead from the front of the room with more confidence.

Sara’s passion for speaking her truth is evident in her candid approach to communications. Her clients like her fun, spirited, and encouraging personality. She is a champion of bravery and doesn’t just talk the talk. She continually demonstrates confidence building in her work and personal life. She stands tall at 6’1” and looks up to her fourteen-year-old daughter, who is 6’2” tall. You can learn more about her services at