More and more authors and publishers are finding their ebooks available as PDF downloads on websites with whom they have no connection. It appears that these websites are offshore and out of reach of U.S. copyright laws. We are investigating but be careful of any site that offers free ebooks. Apparently, some are offering the PDFs with their software, which is then difficult to get off your computer.

Why offer free ebooks

Just to confuse things further (such is publishing these days), there can be reasons why you would want to offer free ebooks (under your control). There was some discussion about this at one of our meetings. Here is an article that explains the reasoning. It’s written by Mark Coker, the CEO of Smashwords so it’s also a commercial for Smashwords:


See you in the fall

Thanks to all for great attendance and interest in the meetings this year. The May meeting was, as usual, the Book Awards Gala. We're all taking a break for the summer.