By Joe and John Gindele, Golden Valley Publishing, LLC

Yorkville Twins: Hilarious Adventures Growing Up in New York City, 1944-1962, is a memoir of twin brothers growing up over 60 years ago in an ethnic neighborhood in Manhattan to Czech and German immigrants. At age 18, we moved to the Midwest to become teachers. As such, there are many themes, venues, marketing opportunities, and strategies we use in promoting our book.

Newspapers: Our local Minnesota newspaper and a Yorkville e-newspaper wrote feature articles on us. We attempted to get reviews in the Star Tribune and St. Paul Pioneer Press, butfailed. One book chapter describes our summers on a farm in Connecticut. Local newspapers there will receive a prewritten article about those times, encouraging them to publish it.

Websites: We are on websites and databases of the St. Michael (MN), Minnesota State, and New York Historical Societies; Gotham Center for New York City History, and the Minnesota Immigrant Research Library. They received complimentary copies for their libraries. Additional societies will be added.

By Rachel M. Anderson, RMA Publicity

When you made the decision to publish a new title, what was the deciding factor? Many publishers of nonfiction books bring new titles to market to help share the need for information on a particular topic. The goal for publishers of fiction, meantime, is typically to entertain.

No matter what the motivation, unless the book's author is a celebrity or politician, chances are you're going to have a hard time spreading the word about the book. So what's a publishing company to do?

How about giving article marketing a try. According to Wikipedia, this is the practice by which a business or individual writes an article and submits it to the newspaper, or an online editor, for publication. Due to budget cuts in recent years, free content is something a lot of newspapers and websites are happy to receive. If you are thinking about giving it a try, here are some tips to keep in mind.

By Marly Cornell, LightaLight Publications

I was the grateful recipient of the 2013 IBPA Publishing University scholarship and MIPA stipend that made it possible for me to attend the conference, “Discoverability: How to Reach Your Reader and Sell More Books,” held at the Palmer House in Chicago, April 26–27. Along with this privilege was the responsibility to bring back and share my rich experience with my colleagues in MIPA. So begins the first in a series of blog entries on the topics and informational tidbits that I found most valuable while at the conference. 

Though I’ve been a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) for some years, and participated in other IBPA-sponsored events, this was my first experience attending the annual “Pub-U” that I’d heard so much about from others. The event was impressive—more so than I ever expected. These were the movers and shakers, the trend setters and futurists, the talent and genius of the old pros alongside the new pros in the contemporary publishing world. The environment was rich with learning opportunities for newbies, veterans, and everyone in between. 

May 3, 2013

The Story of the Write Place’s First Book Publishing Contest

By Hannah Crawford, The Write Place

At the Write Place, our goal has always been to help authors fulfill their dreams of publishing. In fact, our book self-publishing division was born in 2009 because a local author asked Carol Van Klompenburg, owner of what was then simply a writing and graphic design company, to help him publish his memoir. Carol, herself a published author, knew well the feeling of finally holding in your hands the book into which you’ve poured your heart. 

May 1, 2013

By Sherry Roberts, The Roberts Group

MIPA is switching from a monthly newsletter to a blog. The MIPA board and members will be posting articles to the blog as often as possible. We consider a blog to be a more current communication and one that encourages conversation, feedback, and comment. This is one more step we at MIPA are taking to inspire the publishing community to get together, to learn from each other, and to support each other. 

You can still find our newsletter articles—and all the useful information they contain—in the newsletter archive on the MIPA website. 

Invitation to submit posts: Yes, we’re talking to you. If you are interested in discussing a publishing issue, have tips for marketing or producing great books, or want to share your experiences at a publishing event, submit an article for the blog. Not only do you get to put in your two cents, but you gain publicity for your company and your books or services. Make sure every post includes your name, your company name, and your website. Blog submissions should be sent to Sherry

See you in the fall

Thanks to all for great attendance and interest in the meetings this year. The May meeting was, as usual, the Book Awards Gala. We're all taking a break for the summer.