Hybrid Publishing: Does It Define You? Does It Matter?

Jennifer Baum is publisher and editorial director at Scribe Publishing Company. She is writing a series of articles for MIPA on insights from the 2015 IBPA Publishing University.

Across the publishing industry, new business models are developed every day. As publishers (who are often also writers), we look for ways to create a more author-friendly industry, and at the same time, many authors are taking matters into their own hands and self-publishing or grouping with other authors to practice cooperative publishing.

Somewhere between self-publishing and traditional publishing lies the most elusive of them all: hybrid publishing.

by Rod Mebane, Starshine Galaxy

August 7, 2014

Rod was MIPA’s scholarship participant at the 2013 IBPA Publication University (PubU), held in San Francisco in March 2014. This is the second of three reports that Rod is sharing with fellow MIPA members from his experience at the conference. (The first report was on “Covers that Connect.”) Contact Rod by e-mail at rmebane@wordsmithassociates.us or by phone at 312-343-2235 with your questions and comments.

I’m not sure what early birds catch down by San Francisco’s South Bay, but at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel on Saturday, March 22, the early birds caught the “early bird” session, of course. But this one—“Learning Curve to Earning Curve”—was notably eye-opening. (I’d be inclined to say “phenomenal,” but I’m not sure what phenomenal looks like in the gray mist of dawn.) It was a presentation given by Jason Lewis, who is the only person in the history of mankind to circumnavigate the globe relying just on human power. And he was accompanied by his independent publisher, Tammy Stevens (who now also partners as his wife). Together they gave a delightfully entertaining and inspirational talk on Jason’s exciting adventure alone and their remarkable publishing venture together.

Covers that Connect

by Rod Mebane, Starshine Galaxy

July 22, 2014

Rod was MIPA’s scholarship participant at the 2014 IBPA Publication University (PubU), held in San Francisco last March. This is one of a series of reports that Rod is sharing with fellow MIPA members from his experience at the conference. Contact Rod by email at rmebane@starshinegalaxy.com or by phone at 312-343-2235 with your comments and questions.

The literary purists among us may wish that people would not judge a book by its cover—believing fervently that the quality of the underlying content is what counts—but we all know better. No matter how we try to angle around it, the cover of a book creates the first impression, and it can make or break a prospective reader’s interest in the book. This is particularly true in the wild open marketplace of books in which we are currently swirling, where a good cover is “table stakes,” and a great cover is a critical success factor in winning the attention of readers.

By Rachel M. Anderson, RMA Publicity

July 9, 2014

Editor’s Note: MIPA members are always looking for innovative ways to market their books. Rachel’s press release below shows one benefit-driven idea: building a literary tour around your book. It requires work and lots of cooperation among the various parties—author, publisher, bookseller—but it offers the beauty of interactivity with readers. And that sells books. Read Rachel’s press release and think about how you can craft your own tour.

DETROIT: Looking to go on a trip that will affect you in some profound way this summer? Then you may want to give literary tourism a try. This is a type of cultural tourism that deals with places and events from fictional texts, as well as the life and times of the book’s author.

By Sherry Roberts, The Roberts Group

October 15, 2013

The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is your book’s identification number or fingerprint. It is a 13-digit number that all book databases use to track your books. ISBNs are how readers and buyers find your books. They are essential for sales to bookstores, for online sales, and for listing in databases and directories such as Books in Print.

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