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Order Midwest Book Awards Seals 

Gold (winner) and silver (finalist) award seals are available for purchase to qualifying authors and publishers. These seals are foil stamped and are great promotional tools. Current quantities available:

Roll of 250 for $30.00

Roll of 500 for $55.00 

Files for electronic seals are also available. Contact Sherry Roberts by email.  

The publisher selects one or more categories in which to enter each book. A single title may be entered in up to three (3) categories. Only print books may be entered. No eBook or app submissions will be accepted.

Subject Categories

  • Arts/Photography/Coffee Table Books: Books about the graphic and performing arts, architecture, and photography. Coffee table books created for display that meld exemplary text, design, and artwork.
  • Autobiography/Memoir: Nonfiction and creative nonfiction about the author.
  • Biography: Nonfiction books about a current or historical figure (not the author).
  • Business: Business-related literature including commerce, career, computers, technology.
  • Children's Fiction: Fiction books aimed at all reading levels to age twelve.
  • Children's Nonfiction: Nonfiction books aimed at all reading levels to age twelve.
  • Children's Picture Books: Books for children with a substantial amount of artwork.
  • Young Adult Fiction: Fiction, whether or not genre specific, aimed at the teen market.
  • Young Adult Nonfiction: Nonfiction, regardless of subject matter, aimed at the teen market.
  • Cookbooks/Crafts/Hobbies: Books on all cooking-related topics, crafts, and hobbies aimed at adults.
  • Education/Learning: Books aimed at adults on topics of education, including homeschooling.
  • Family/Parenting: Books aimed at adults on all aspects of family life, including parenting help, family dynamics, and multigeneration families.
  • Fiction—Fantasy/SciFi/Horror/Paranormal: Genre fiction with a fantasy, science fiction, horror, or paranormal theme.
  • Fiction—Literary/Contemporary/Historical: Fiction that focuses on character development, plot depth, and writing style as well as genre fiction with a historical theme and historical setting. 
  • Fiction—Mystery/Thriller: Genre fiction with a suspense or mystery theme.
  • Fiction—Romance: Genre fiction with a romance theme.
  • Fiction—Short Story/Anthology: Collections of fiction by one or by multiple authors.
  • Health: Nonfiction books aimed at adults with topics related to health and healing, including physical and mental health, addiction, and alternative medicine.
  • History: Nonfiction books with subjects of a historical nature.
  • Humor: Fiction and nonfiction books whose primary focus is humor.
  • Inspiration: Nonfiction books focused on personal development and improvement.
  • Nature: Nonfiction books relating to nature, ecology, and environment. May include essays on these topics.
  • Poetry: Poetic works, whether by one author or an anthology.
  • Recreation/Sports/Travel: Nonfiction books with a sports, recreation, or travel theme, including travel guides and travel essays.
  • Religion/Philosophy: Nonfiction books encompassing all religions—Eastern, Western, and New Age—as well as philosophy.
  • Social Science/Political Science/Culture: Nonfiction books aimed at adults with an emphasis on the social sciences, political issues, current events, and cultural issues such as diversity, gender, sexuality, and aging

Design Categories

  • Cover Design: Covers that are compelling and effective.
  • Interior Design: Overall interior book design and production that excels in quality.
  • Illustration—Graphic: Books with extensive interior artwork, not including photography. Usually entries in this category are children's picture books.
  • Total Book Design: Total book design, including interior layout and cover design.

Questions? Midwest Book Awards Chair Sherry Roberts can answer your questions and provide guidance if you are not sure how to choose the specific categories that could be appropriate for your book in the Midwest Book Awards program. Contact Sherry Roberts by email or call 952-322-4005 



See you in the fall

Thanks to all for great attendance and interest in the meetings this year. The May meeting was, as usual, the Book Awards Gala. We're all taking a break for the summer.